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customer service peopleWhy train customer service skills? Repeat business is directly influenced by how well employees interact with customers. In fact, most customers (68%) quit doing business with suppliers because of an attitude of indifference expressed toward them by one of the suppliers employees, often unwittingly.

Investing in customer service training has immediate and financially measurable bottom-line results (see ASTD presentation below).

  • Mission critical customer service training courses (now located on
  • Call center agent training
  • 10 mission critical courses
  • Observable & measurable skills
  • Courses available online "24/7/365"
  • Job aids and skills observation checklists
  • Coaching guides for trainers and supervisors
  • "Customer Service Specialist" Certificate
  • Lifetime unlimited use licenses available

“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” Henry Ford

Customer Service Specialist Certificate

Earn the Customer Service Specialist designation by successfully completing the curriculum.

Career Advancement Through Skill Development

COURSE SELECTION: The course topics and content were selected from the results of multiple needs analyses which showed patterns of skill deficits. These common deficits in turn created situations that resulted in gaming, avoidable errors, additional costly problems, upset customers, and exceptional stress along with its attending issues. The course content selection and ROI effectiveness have been independently validated (see ASTD presentation below).


  • Teach the knowledge, skills and strategies of the most critical and common deficit areas
  • Teach the necessary core business etiquette communications skills
  • Teach the essential life skills required to strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Teach in an interactive manner that engages the participant
  • Use learning activities that enable content personalization
  • Teach skills that are observable and measurable
  • Provide the tools to observe and measure
  • Provide the coaching tools to improve performance

This means you not only learn the “what to do” but also the step-by-step “how to do it” supported by the psychology of “why to do it” to increase motivation “to do it.”  We also provide participating supervisors with observation and coaching guides to support continuous improvement.

LIFE SKILLS: With the exception of the three core business skills courses, the remaining courses in this curriculum provide training in foundation skills that are essential for everyday living.

COURSE CURRICULUM: Mission Critical customer care skill sets taught in self-paced interactive courses designed for both call center telephone and face-to-face interactions.

  1. Telephone Etiquette - How to make the caller feel glad they called from hello to goodbye
  2. Trust & Rapport Building - How to strengthen relationships in a business setting
  3. Active Listening Skills - How to prevent errors and earn the right to be heard
  4. Problem Solving - How to systematically solve problems without creating others
  5. Defusing Anger - How to defuse anger quickly and safely
  6. Stress Control - How to minimize the impact of stressors in the work setting
  7. Managing Customer Expectations - How to create and change expectations without evoking anger
  8. Business E-mail Etiquette - How to communicate responsibility using e-mail in business
  9. Goal Setting- How to prioritize, achieve more, and keep your own morale high
  10. Creating Customer Loyalty - How to analyze your customer interactions and develop actions for improvement

See full course descriptions by selecting this link or by selecting the "Course List Button" (second from the top) on the left hand navigation bar.

OBSERVABLE & MEASURABLE: Observable "soft" skills that provide measurable outcomes - view Client Quotes.

  • Tests at the end of each module demonstrate knowledge gained
  • Transcripts are available to the participant and supervisor during the term of membership
  • Observation checklists (Job Aids) are provided with each course to demonstrate transfer of knowledge and skill back on the job

ENGAGING AND INTERACTIVE: Learning activities include:

  • Avatars - photo animations with text-to-speech voices
  • Smart Schools
  • Personalized learning activities
  • Questions styles including multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true/false questions
  • Practice sessions

PREVIEW COURSE: Select the Preview button on the navigation bar on the top of this page to view a full course.

Job AidJOB AIDS: All courses have Job Aids (see Active Listening Skills example). Many courses also have additional supporting documentation and worksheets. Job Aids can be used by the student as a reminder and by the supervisor as a “Level III” checklist for observation and coaching.

COACHING MATERIALS: Supervisors, trainers and coaches can request the coaching materials. These are provided at no additional charge. These consist of a brief “How to Coach” guide and MS Power Points with detailed “how to” in the Notes section.

* To qualify to access the free coaching materials, you must complete the courses with a passing score. The students you coach must be registered to take the courses.

Courses offered by Train Customer are provided through Learn Customer Service

Lifetime unlimited use licenses to our web-based training courses and support materials are available to organizations for internal use only. Select this link our shared sister site to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Hear the presentation made to the ASTD (now ATD) International Conference about how the significant ROI was achieved and measured at a major oil company dispatch call center.

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