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Learn Customer Service Online is our website that hosts our web-based customer service skills courses.

Content learning at a fraction of the cost of Instructor Led Training (ILT): The research is very clear that people learn just as well when they learn it online at their own pace as they do in a classroom.

People learn online all the time: Recognize that people learn from the results they get through web-based search engines; people learn from reading their email; and, people learn from studying online brochures. Think what could happen with courses that are engaging, interactive, require thought, have a test to document content mastery, and allow people to learn at their own speed.

Coaching - the ultra high payoff: If coaching weren't effective, then professional sports teams and players as well as and corporate executives could save a fortune by getting rid of their coaches. But we all coaching is effective and critical to skill and strategy development and execution. It is the highest payoff activity any supervisor, manager or trainer can provide. Coaches invest their time helping the person excel in the execution of what they already know! All skilled professionals can benefit enormously from coaching.

Process to make it happen for you: We provide team leaders access our coaching materials online at no additional charge. However, the coach must register and complete the courses they plan to coach (makes sense) and the people they will be coaching must also be registered.

  1. Register and take the online courses you intend to coach.
  2. Be sure that the people you plan to coach have also registered for the courses.
  3. Use the special quick coaching materials request registration at the bottom of the menu page inside the site.
  4. Review the "How to Coach" handout.
  5. Download the coaching slides and review the detailed "how to" notes on each slide.
  6. Contact us with any questions you might have 281-367-5599 or

If you would prefer, we can provide a coach who will travel to your location, conduct telephone or video conference calls to provide coaching for you and your team. We can also provide both train-the-coach and coach-the-coach sessions. Contact us for more information.

Career Advancement Through Skill Development

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