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Web Based Training Benefits

Web-based Training (WBT) is coming of age. Bandwidth issues are being handled with wide spread availability of new data transmission capabilities, instructional design strategies and breakthrough software.

Outstanding learning outcomes are being achieved using "Accelerated Learning" design and instructional methods. As a result, people are now getting measurable benefits.

Learners benefit

  • Learning time is often dramatically reduced over instructor led training while at the same time getting results that are equal to and sometimes superior to classroom learning
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • Schedule learning when its most convenient for you
  • Have immediate access to courses for reinforcement

Trainers benefit because they no longer have to invest large blocks of group interactive time for participants to learn content. Rather, they can now use classroom time for high payoff activities such as Q & A, practice sessions and structured group interactions with participants who have acquired the foundation knowledge, skills and strategies to truly benefit.

Companies can save a fortune when WBT is balanced with the right support mechanisms such as access to experts and peers. Much of this can also happen over the Internet using:

  • facilitated chat rooms
  • monitored bulletin board style forums
  • live instructor interactions with Web-casting
  • Social media


  • travel costs are lower or eliminated - travel, hotel, meals
  • time based facilitator fees are lower or eliminated
  • knowledge development is documented with end of module tests so you know your money is being invested where you intended it to be.

22 great reasons to choose Web-based training produced by Sales Training International:

  1. Courses clearly identify the skill sets to be taught
  2. Courses are designed to take abstract "soft skills" and make them concrete and observable.
  3. Courses are long enough to teach the skills and short enough to motivate someone to want to get online to get the training in .5 to 1.5 hours - know they're not going to be sitting in front of the computer all day.
  4. Courses are engaging. Learning activities on most pages.
  5. Focus on "how to do" the skill rather than on just "what to do."
  6. Audio tape available from a workshop conducted at the American Society for Training and Development's (ASTD) International Conference discussing how the customer service "soft skills" can be measured and talking about the actual dollars saved as a result of the staff learning these skills.
  7. Designated courses meet the ASTD certification standards for design, interactivity, engagement, navigation, etc.
  8. Downloadable job aides also act as observation checklists to ensure the training transfers back to the job
  9. Available in multiple formats including Instructor Led, Train-the-trainer, Coaching Guide blended with Web-based Training.
  10. Can be quickly customizable - even the video can be scripted, shot and uploaded in hours, not weeks.
  11. Private secure site with your customized (or to be customized) courses in it can be launched in a matter of a couple days. Thereafter, any and all changes can be made to your designated set of courses without concern for impact on the public courses.
  12. Current courses can be rapidly modified to help emphasize points your staff feels are important.
  13. Can be customized to support current day long customer service orientation.
  14. Can quickly create courses in support of initiatives.
  15. Narrow bandwidth requirements won't overload your network.
  16. Low cost per student per course
  17. 12 month membership enables students to retake courses as needed.
  18. Growing site with new courses being added throughout the year.
  19. Courses continue to be upgraded in all aspects from delivery, interactivity, design, teaching methods, etc.
  20. Flexible licensing arrangements including per person fee billed as they sign up or prepaid bulk licenses based on percentage of total eligible.
  21. Your server (prepaid annual bulk license fee applies) or ours.
  22. Simple "transcript style" LMS. Shows who took what courses when and how well they did on the tests. Group view for administrative personnel and individual view for each student.

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